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Children and Alzheimer's

Does a person with Alzheimer's ever get well?

No.  The patients lose the ability to do things for themselves.  As the disease takes over the body, changes occur.  These changes vary in degree and speed which they occur.  It its very possible that at some time, patients can no longer care for themselves and need extra special care and lots of love and kindness.


What Does the  disease do to the person?

Persons with the disease experience several changes.  Their behavior and personalities change.  They forget names, telephone numbers, how to cook, how to get dressed, and other basic chores.


Does this mean I can't visit my relative anymore?

No.  You should visit with relatives.  They need your love and understanding.  It is important for you to learn about the disease because then you know how you can help your relative.


Is there anyone who can help us have better understanding?

Yes. The Alzheimer's Foundation of Staten Island can answer questions and provide information about the disease.  Call (718) 667-7110 for more information.