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Alzheimer’s Foundation of Staten Island, Inc.


The National Alzheimer’s Association of Staten Island opened its doors in 1980, the result of seven support groups joining together to meet the needs of families coping with a disease that was, at that time and to most people, merely an unpronounceable word. Cause committed and dedicated, this handful of volunteers laid the groundwork for our National organization, as we know it today.

As founding president, Jerome Stone provided leadership for the evolution of what we know today as the Alzheimer’s Association through its beginnings as an answering machine in a New York City office. In just eighteen years, the growth of the Association has no doubt surpassed the hopes and dreams of its founders. The network has grown from 20 Associations in 1980 to over 220 Associations in all 50 states.

Throughout this extraordinary growth, the one thing constant has been the mission of the Association to provide funding for research and prevention, cure and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, and to support and assist people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families. Together, National and our Association network have carried out this mission through research, education, Association formation, advocacy and patient and family services. These services now assist over 4 million individuals and their families who are greatly impacted by the disease.

Our local Association was incorporated in 1982 with many of the same traditions of our National Foundation. Under the watchful eyes of dedicated community leaders and caregivers, the Foundation has undergone remarkable growth and advancement during the 16 years of existence. From very modest beginnings, the Association now includes a full-time director, two part time employees and a very loyal volunteer corps serving the entire Island.

In November of 2000, the Alzheimer’s Association disassociated itself with the national office, and became the Alzheimer’s Foundation of Staten Island. A committee composed of past presidents, as well as the current president, board members and attorneys guided us through the process. President Fred Schweizer, and Executive Director Gladys Schweiger visited each of our local politicians for support. We also placed four ads; two in the Staten Island Advance and two in the Staten Island Register, announcing to the community what had taken place. In addition, we also mailed to the over 10,000 individuals on our mailing list. The Foundation has received an overwhelming response from people in the community, which included caregivers, businesses, politicians, physicians, and the general public, congratulating us on our decision, and realizing that all funds raised by the Foundation will stay on Staten Island.

We have made a commitment as a Foundation to serve the 11,000+ victims on Staten Island, as well as make contributions to research of this deadly disease.


President   Michael A. DiMauro  
1st Vice President   Dr. Stephen McGee  
2nd Vice President   Fran Reali  
Secretary   Emily Gordon  
Co-Secretary   Helaine Dandrea  
Treasurer   Joseph Porcelli, Ph.D.  
Asst. Treasurer   Daniel Lombardozzi  
Asst. Treasurer  

John Ross


Renee Altomonte Kathleen Merlino
Marlene Blum Robert Merlino
Brian Dannecker  Matthew R. Nichol
Jerry DeLuca Marianne Noce
Robert DiMilia Robert Panazzolo
Madeline Dowd Barbara Parks
Sophia Gibaldi Carl Perrino, Ph.D.
Gregory Giordano Stephen Piazza
Vincent Giuffre Ginevra Porcelli
Vincent Immiti Howard Prussack
Barbara Kramer Joan Rendell
Gary Laermer Timothy Rosario
Anthony Lanza

Rosemarie Ruggero, CSW

Nicholas D. Lettiere Joseph Sclafani
Joseph Marchese Meg Ventrudo


Moishe Friederwitzer 82-85
Timmi Pierce 85-88
Ellie Donnelly 88-92
Jayne Cooper 92-93
Leslie Langworthy 93-94
Kathleen Geosits 94-97
RoseAnne Gillen 97-99
Fred Schweizer 00-01
Samir Farag
Richard Salomone


Marion Anderson

Diane Carducci

Linda Carroll

Barbara Davis

Louis DeMartino

Sherry Diamond

Rosemary Dowling

Carol Dunn

Catherine Giblin

Charles Hermann, III

Gary Johnson, Esq.

Ryan Kelly

Barbara Kramer

Charles Langere

Joseph Madory

Adele McMahon

Ann Merlino, Ph.D.

Nicholette Odlivak-Wright

Walter Parks

Terry Rafferty

Kathryn Randazzo

Mario Rapaglia, II

Sandy Rapaglia

Paul Rosenfeld

Jamie Rotnofsky, Ph.D.

James Sak, Esq.

Richard Salerno

John J. Sciacca, Esq.

James Thompson

Joseph Tornello

Betty Van Stolk

Gladys Schweiger

    460 Brielle Ave
    Staten Island, NY 10314-6427
    Phone: 718 667 7110
    Fax: 718 667 8431